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Today’s fast-paced retail environment requires innovative digital solutions without compromising sustainability. Pricer, a leading Swedish supplier of shelf edge automation and communication solutions, will explore the possibilities of a new generation of advanced electronic shelf labels (ESL) making them self-powered through light in partnership with Epishine (Linköping, Sweden).


As a global leader in material technologies Henkel (Düsseldorf, Germany) has launched a novel sensor experience kit tailor-made for IOT engineering across industries. The novel Henkel Qhesive Solutions Sensor INKxperience Kit offers four different printed electronics technologies that are pre-configured with hardware and software for prototyping and engineering ideation. The kit has been designed for professional engineers and enables them to quickly and efficiently explore and experiment with the technology of printed electronics for the development of IOT sensor solutions.


CERADROP (Limoges, France), a MGI Group company, supplied the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS with the Hybrid CeraPrinter F-Serie Platform. IKTS conducts applied research on high-performance ceramics and represents Europe‘s largest R&D institute dedicated to the study of the most complex ceramic devices.

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