News (Printed electronics)

Denny McGuirk, CEO and president of SEMI

SEMI, the global industry association advancing the interests of the worldwide electronics supply chain, has announced that FlexTech Alliance has become its first strategic (association) partner, a form of inter-industry cooperation. In this partnership, FlexTech will continue to pursue its mission of fostering the growth of the emerging flexible, hybrid and printed electronics industry as part of SEMI.

Thinfilm's new investors have placed USD 22M into the company

Norwegian-based Thin Film Electronics ASA, a leader in the development and commercialisation of printed electronics and smart systems, has announced a private placement in the company, in which several US funds have subscribed for shares. The total investment sum ranges at USD 22M. Upon completion of the private placement, the investors will hold 6.1% of the shares of Thinfilm.

Soligie offers printed electronics applications for many different sectors

Molex Incorporated, a global manufacturer of complete interconnect solutions with headquarters in Lisle (IL) USA, has announced the acquisition of certain assets of Soligie, Inc. The Minnesota-based company specialises in printed and flexible electronic solutions for applications in medical, military, industrial, lighting and consumer goods. Products range from sensor systems, medical wearables, LED lighting, specialised RFID labels, and devices that enable the Internet of Things (IoT).

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