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Wiliot (Caesarea, Israel), the Internet of Things pioneer whose combination of self-powered, stamp-sized computers and cloud-based privacy and sensing enables trillions of “things” to communicate with manufacturers, recently announced the Wiliot Starter Kit. Visitors to the company’s booth at the NRF 2022 will have the chance to win free Starter Kits as part of its “Open Release” programme.


Unique components should lend themselves to unique identification, allocation and tracking across their entire lifecycles for maintenance and other relevant purposes. Corporations like Siemens AG rely on RFID labels from Schreiner ProTech (Oberschleißheim, Germany) in automation projects of their customers in the automotive supplier industry.


Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (Vancouver Canada), a fast-growing firm in the IoT market, is beginning commercial production and supply of its electrochromic displays for STEM learning leader Circuit Scribe. As a result of Ynvisible and Electroninks partnership (announced in 2019), Electroninks’ new STEM learning kit will go on sale in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom for Holiday 2021.

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