Ynvisible expands cold-chain solutions sales team and advisory board


Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (Vancouver, Canada), a fast-growing firm in the Internet of Things market, recently announced the expansion of its sales team, in response to the company's growth in income from clients, and further aligning the 2025 vision of expansion and worldwide sales.

Richard Ellinger, a 25-year sales executive, joins Ynvisible Interactive as its United States sales representative. Keith Morton, CTO and founder of Display Logic, a leading designer and manufacturer of display-based products and solutions, joins Ynvisible's advisory board.

Ynvisible is a manufacturer of standard and customised ultra-low-power and easy-to-use electronic displays and indicators for everyday smart objects, Internet of Things ("IoT") devices, and ambient intelligence (intelligent surfaces). The company sells prototyping, development, pilot production, volume production of electrochromic displays, and tailored IoT product solutions. Ynvisible's short-term revenues come from a mix of customer-funded developments that precede pilot and full-scale manufacturing.

Historically, Ynvisible's sales team is in Europe; Richard Ellinger extends Ynvisible's physical sales footprint to North America.

"Ynvisible is poised for growth in North America as Fortune 500 companies are based in the United States and feel we can deliver to them with a dedicated, US-based sales presence. We are continuing to see steady growth of client developments in the fast moving consumer goods, medical packaging and logistics segments. The United States has rebounded significantly from the Covid-19 pandemic; our clients are seizing this opportunity to improve their supply chains and provide new, breakthrough products. We are thrilled to welcome Richard to join our team at the right time and in the right place," says Michael Robinson, CEO of Ynvisible Interactive.

"Richard Ellinger brings deep strategic business development expertise within the technology, cold-chain logistics, medical and packaging sectors. Ynvisible is now more accessible to our growing market. Richard is an expert at realising holistic product solutions, and he accelerates our customers' path to commercialisation," continues Tommy Hoglund, VP sales & marketing, Ynvisible Interactive.

Richard Ellinger joins Ynvisible Interactive Inc. as its US sales representative, covering the United States. Before joining the company, Ellinger was VP sales and marketing of American Semiconductor, where he led sales and investment efforts. In addition, he spent four years at Packsense / Emerson as COO and then VP of operations, respectively. Before growing Packsense sales by 75%, Ellinger managed Temperature Assurance Group, providing solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnology cold chain issues. Richard was CEO of Intelligent Thermal Solutions before his role at Temperature Assurance Group. Before that, he was the director of sales and marketing for Tegrant Corporation, a leading provider of highly engineered protective, temperature-assured, and retail security packaging solutions. Before Tegrant Corporation, Richard worked in various sales and marketing leadership roles driving sales growth. Rich holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and a BA from St. Louis University and has studied French, German, and Russian.

Ynvisible's advisory board members infuse further consumer, technology, and business insights into the company. These inspiring professionals work collaboratively with like-minded experts and organisations to cultivate relationships with industry, academia, government, and financial partners. Ultimately, this infusion of new perspectives is expected to transform the entire Ynvisible value chain.

Keith Morton joins Ynvisible's advisory board as the current CTO and founder of Display Logic, located in Hauppauge, New York. Display Logic offers various display products and solutions (LCD, OLED, touch-screen, and display enhancing technologies). Since its formation, Display Logic has consistently innovated in the areas of display performance and interfacing.

"We now have an advisor that brings deep commercial display development and sales experience across the North American display market. Keith has strong Asian business relations, and he knows what it takes for Ynvisible to compete," starts Michael Robinson.

"Keith found Ynvisible and immediately engaged us on how to grow – this is a testament to Keith's energy and enthusiasm around new technologies and growing businesses. We are honoured that Keith accepted to join our Advisory Board; we are already discovering our clear product differentiation and new business opportunities," Robinson concludes.

Before founding Display Logic in 2007, Keith Morton was director of marketing of the Display Division at Bell Microproducts, where he managed all display sales and marketing activities, supplier management, and integration. Before Bell Microproducts, Keith was marketing manager at ARROW Electronics. Keith also holds a patent in display optical improvement.

Caption: An electrochromic display from Ynvisible (photo: Ynvisible)

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