Ynvisible announces large commercial purchase order for new outdoor signage product


Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (Vancouver, Canada), a leading provider of printed low-power e-paper display products, announces a significant milestone in its expansion into the signage market. In line with its market expansion strategy, the company has received its first purchase order for commercial launch of its sustainable sign products in 2023.

In collaboration with a prominent European customer specialising in smart solutions for the fuel distribution business, Ynvisible has developed a large outdoor information sign designed to be regularly updated and withstand various weather conditions. Following rigorous stages of prototyping and testing, the company is on track to fulfil the customer’s order within the next six months. This year alone, Ynvisible expects to deliver a minimum of 40 000 units.

Additionally, Ynvisible is working on another promising opportunity in the signage space by partnering with one of the world's largest outdoor advertising companies. The collaboration is focused on the development of an outdoor large city information panel. Having successfully completed the prototyping and testing phase, the customer has committed to a product development project aiming for a market launch within the next 12 months. The projected annual volume for this product could exceed 200 000 units, highlighting the significant growth potential within this collaboration.

"The commercial launch of our sustainable signs validates our market expansion strategy by offering standard e-paper products. I am proud of the focus and diligence of our team in the past year to get us to this important milestone. These customer commitments confirm we are on the right track," says Ramin Heydarpour, CEO of Ynvisible.

The global Digital Signage market is projected to reach US$29 billion by 2027, with an anticipated growth rate of 8% (source: The Business Research Company – Digital Signage Global Market Report 2023). The rising demand for effective, sustainable, low-power, and user-friendly Digital Signage solutions drives market expansion.

Ynvisible primarily focuses on two high-value applications within the Signage space: Public Information Displays and Electronic Shelf Labels, where it can offer valuable and unique solutions. Public Information Displays represent a target market due to their large dimensions and the limited availability of cost-effective, sustainable options. Ynvisible’s competitive advantages lie in providing ultra-low power solutions that enable energy harvesting, all at a more accessible price point than other reflective technologies. For Electronic Shelf Labels, a rapidly growing market valued at over US$1 billion, Ynvisible’s e-paper displays offer unparalleled ease of customisation, cost-effectiveness, and low power consumption compared to alternative technologies in the field.

"We are confident that our product offers the ultimate solution for companies seeking energy-efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and customizable Sign applications. Over the past nine months, we have successfully engaged with diverse industries and delivered prototypes and initial pilot volumes of Signage products to at least six customers, primarily for outdoor information and Point-of-Purchase applications. This highlights our unwavering efforts and commitment to becoming a reference in this market," says Carlos Pinheiro, CTO of Ynvisible.

Caption: Ynvisible has received a large commercial purchase order for outdoor signage products (photo: Ynvisible)

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