Ynvisible acquires the business of electrochromic display company rdot


Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (Vancouver, Canada), a market leader in electrochromic interfaces and printed electronics, announces a business transfer agreement to acquire the printed electrochromic displays business of rdot AB (Gothenburg, Sweden).  The deal expands Ynvisible's client list, strengthens the company's sales and marketing team and brings new assets to its digital marketing and product creation.

"rdot has a proven track record for excellent marketing of electrochromic displays and is generating sales. It's strong in digital channels. The COVID pandemic rapidly changed how companies conduct business, and rdot's born-digital approach to business is proving to be effective in these times," said Tommy Höglund, VP sales & marketing. "With this acquisition, we're delighted to strengthen our sales and marketing team with this rich set of capabilities and further tools for prototyping."

rdot has been seeking a route to industrial scale manufacturing of electrochromic displays. Through the deal, the rdot client base gains access to Ynvisible's industrial scale production, quality control and technology transfer capabilities. Höglund continued: "rdot's electrochromics display prototyping business is on a strong growth path but has lacked resources to develop client opportunities to high volume industrial production. Ynvisible is equipped to serve clients' production needs and transfer this capability to other manufacturing sites where end clients may need them more locally."

"I am confident that all of our existing clients will have positive feelings about this deal. The fact that a larger organisation with additional resources and capabilities is behind the electrochromic display technology will ultimately benefit the clients," said Felix Karlsson, CEO of rdot AB, who will be joining the Ynvisible team. "It feels great to join Ynvisible, both personally and from a commercial perspective. At the end of the day, what drives all of us is to widely spread the adoption of printed electrochromic displays. Joining Ynvisible is a step in that direction."

The agreement between Ynvisible's wholly owned subsidiary Ynvisible Production AB and rdot AB includes a transfer of rdot's property and assets. The purchase price is 1.2M Swedish Kronas (approx. $171 000 CAD), plus time limited performance based remuneration. rdot's two employees join Ynvisible as new employees.

Caption: Ynvisible strengthens its position in the area of electrochromic displays with the acquisition of rdot (photo: Ynvisible)

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