VARTA presents new generation of CoinPower at CES 2021


At this year's CES, which is being held virtually due to COVID-19, VARTA, the battery technology company from Ellwangen, Germany, is introducing the new A4 generation of lithium-ion button cells. Like its previous generations the CoinPower cell offers the highest energy density in the smallest space.

The new CoinPower is used in future technology of wireless and mobile devices in the field of wearables, internet of things, medicine and health, in sensors for smart home and smart city as well as in industry 4.0 applications. The lithium-ion button cells enable the production of increasingly compact and smaller devices with high convenience for the consumer.

“Our CoinPower cells have made the next generation of premium true wireless stereo headsets possible. With the latest generation of lithium-ion cells, we are going one step further. Thanks to the more powerful coin cells, our customers can include even more functions and achieve even shorter charging times for their products. VARTA shows once again why we are innovation and technology leaders in many areas. Thanks to our high competence in research and development as well as our high production standards, we can make leading products even better. VARTA produces in Germany on machines that we have developed and designed ourselves. This ensures full control along the entire value chain,“ says Philipp Miehlich, general manager OEM VARTA Microbattery.

In addition to lithium-ion cells, VARTA is presenting its comprehensive portfolio of microbatteries at CES, including hearing aid batteries. With its brand power one, VARTA offers primary zinc-air batteries as well as rechargeable Li-ion batteries for hearing aids.

VARTA’s power one World dedicates a separate theme area to the latest cell innovation: The new product generation power one EVOLUTION with zinc-air technology. The cell, which is based on Thin Foil Technology (TFT), enables up to 15% higher capacity. Field tests with customers showed that runtimes were extended by one to two days.

VARTA is also presenting Application Specific Batteries (ASB) for the rapidly growing market of agricultural robotics at CES. The company develops modular lithium-ion packs that can be flexibly expanded and thus customised for the respective application in agriculture.

Caption: VARTA’s CoinPower A4 generation (photo: VARTA)

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