VARTA Microbattery showcases its products at IOThings in Milan

Be it smart watches or fitness trackers – the market for wearables is growing enormously worldwide. Batteries are a strategic component here. VARTA Microbattery, based in Ellwangen, Germany, will showcase its solutions and products at this year’s IOThings from 16 to 17 May in Milan, Italy.

The event focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the best technical solutions for it. Batteries are supposed to become smaller and lighter, while offering a higher performance, especially in applications such as headphones, wearables or medical products. For these fields, VARTA Microbattery will showcase its CoinPower series. The product line consists of the CP 1254 and CP 1654 A2 as well as the latest CP 1454 A3. With a capacity of 85mAh, at a diameter of 14.1mm and a weight of 2.4g, this latest microbattery fulfils the customer demand towards more capacity at a smaller size. The types CP 1254 and CP 1654 have been upgraded with more capacity since January. In the growing area of Bluetooth headphones, there are diverse applications for these small energy suppliers – just like in fitness trackers, smart watches and wearables. The cylindrical form and high energy density are said to be ideal for this type of application. Quick charging and high robustness round up the profile of the CoinPower series.

Caption: The CoinPower series from VARTA Microbattery


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