Universal Laser Systems presents new platform ULTRA 9


With the ULTRA 9 platform, Universal Laser Systems (ULS) presents its most versatile laser processing system to date, which is aimed at the automotive, aerospace, electronics and medical device industries, among others. With the ULTRA 9 the innovation leader in laser technology offers an optimal development tool for the precise cutting, marking and engraving of the largest possible material spectrum in manufacturing, research, development and prototype construction.

The ULTRA 9 offers an ideal combination of maximum flexibility and high machining quality for a wide variety of materials, including industrial high performance plastics, fabrics, foils, foams, films, laminates and composites. Key features include fast and high-precision positioning, autofocus of the laser beam, adjustable laser power density, collision monitoring and intelligent path planning. Thanks to the new motion and positioning system, the repeat accuracy of non-contact processes can be as high as 25µm even with complex geometries, depending on the material being processed and the ambient conditions. The processing quality can even be seen under the microscope with cleanly cut edges and minimal material deformation.

Product manager David Richter explains the special strengths of the ULTRA 9: "Our new platform achieves a much higher accuracy class than traditional laser processing systems. It is also very intuitive to use with its modern user interface. Features such as autofocus of the laser beam and vacuum fixation of the processing material not only increase processing quality and throughput, they also make working with the system a real pleasure."

The new ULTRA 9 platform can be flexibly configured with up to three laser sources of different wavelengths: two interchangeable CO2 lasers (9.3 and 10.6µm) and a fibre laser (1.06μm). With three lasers the advantages of the MultiWave Hybrid technology can be used. The wavelengths are combined simultaneously in a single coaxial beam. Each spectral component of the laser beam is individually controlled and can be modulated in real time for precise, material-specific processing results. This allows the user to select the ideal wavelength or wavelength combination for the respective material.

The ULTRA 9 platform complements the product range in the higher power range. It has a material processing area of 914 x 610mm and a support device for materials up to 305mm thick. Thanks to the modular system design, solutions perfectly tailored to the customer can be configured, with a wide range of options to optimize performance, functionality and safety. Laser power can be varied from 10W to 150W (CO2) and 50W (fibre). Added to this is the flexibility and the fast and simple workflow of the intelligent material database. The adjustment of the laser processing system to the respective processing order is possible with a few hand movements and mouse clicks. This saves a lot of time and effort in research, product development and material testing.

The ULTRA 9 supports Windows operating systems as well as macOS, Linux, Android and iOS and thus offers maximum flexibility for integration into existing software and work environments.

Caption: With the ULTRA 9 platform, Universal Laser Systems presents its most versatile system to-date (photo: Universal Laser Systems)

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