Toyota, ARM, VF Global and Galvani Bioelectronics to open “IDTechEx Show!” in Berlin

The “IDTechExShow!” in Berlin, Germany on 10-11 May, which also includes the well-known Printed Electronics Europe, is considered as one of Europe’s leading events for those involved in technology scouting and product innovation, bringing together emerging technologies with global brands.

Opening the event are four select Cornerstone Presentations which will showcase how new technologies are coming to market which solve big problems created by changing demographics and global megatrends, from mobility to healthcare to the enabling the ubiquity of electronics.

The first Cornerstone session at the “IDTechEx Show!” will be a presentation on "The Future Of Wearables" by Ben Cooper from VF Global Innovation Center. VF is a $12.4bn company that owns brands including Timberland, Wrangler and Nautica. Now the hype is over, Cooper will cover how large clothing brands are pursuing wearable technology.

Following this will be Sebastien Ouchouche from Galvani Bioelectronics, founded between the $35bn GlaxoSmithKline and a subsidiary of the $90bn Alphabet, Google's parent. Both are funding Galvani Bioelectronics with a whopping $675M. Ouchouche will cover their activities tackling healthcare issues and creating an enormous business in the process with the linking of bio sciences and electronics.

Next up is Dr Krisztian Flautner, general manager, Internet of Things at ARM. Almost 6bn people use ARM technology with over 95bn ARM-based chips shipped to date. The company, bought for $32 Billion last year by Japan's Softbank, is enabling more things to be connected – from cars to home appliances – and Dr Flautner will present ARM's progress in creating a profitable IoT business.

The biggest automaker in the world comes next - Toyota Motor Corporation sold over 8.5M vehicles last year with revenues of $236.8bn. Andy Fuchs, general manager, Toyota Mobility Foundation - Europe, will present on mobility innovation, covering insight from electric vehicles to new technologies such as structural electronics and energy independent vehicles.

In total, over 3000 people are expected to attend the “IDTechEx Show!” at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin, Germany on 10-11 May 2017. The event will feature 200 organisations in the exhibition showcasing technologies including the latest innovations in sensors, energy storage, energy harvesting, electric vehicles, IoT, printed electronics, 3D printing and advanced new materials.

Caption: A look back at the IDTechEx Cornerstone presentations in 2016


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