Touch Taiwan to open in August, gathering cross-domain forces to tap future opportunities


As a grand annual event for Taiwan’s display industry, Touch Taiwan 2019 – Display International will run 28-30 August at the first floor of Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, with Smart Manufacturing & Monitech Taiwan to be held alongside. Many industrial associations, including Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA), Taiwan TFT LCD Association (TTLA), Taiwan Flat Panel Display Materials & Devices Association (TDMDA), Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association (TEEIA), and the Society for Information Display (SID) Taipei Chapter, have joined forces to create one of the most iconic professional trade fairs for the display sector.

This year, Micro LED and Mini LED will remain the most eye-catching focus at the show. Micro LED possesses the merits of the two major display technologies LED and OLED and can even complement their deficiencies, well-regarded as the next-generation display technology next to OLED, with key technological breakthroughs and solutions for volume production being in the focus of public attention. Taiwan now sees an important cluster of Micro LED and Mini LED production, and following three years of development, Mini LED backlight technology can officially compete with OLED in the display domain. Along with the rollout of conceptual products by leading players such as AUO, Samsung and Sony, the industry-anticipated application market is taking shape at an accelerated pace. This has driven many domestic and overseas supply chain players to jump on the Micro/Mini LED bandwagon, helping to double the scale of this year’s thematic pavilion for “Micro LED/Mini LED Products and Solutions.” Exhibits at the area covers diverse Micro/Mini LED application products and solutions, key components, process materials, manufacturing equipment, mass transfer equipment, AOI instrument, and driver ICs, providing a one-stop shopping platform for professional buyers.

During the exhibition period, the third International Micro LED Display Conference will be held, and prominent firms including AUO, Mikro Mesa, Nation Star, SelfArray. 3D-Micromac, PlatNitride, SUZUKI, Chipone (iML) and TOPCON will be invited to shed lights on Micro LED-related technological applications and future development outlook. Additionally, panel discussions will also be arranged, allowing domestic and overseas speakers to conduct direct exchanges with the audience, discuss Micro LED mass production solutions, and help attendees better understand the latest development trends for Micro LED display technologies and how leading players are proceeding with their deployments in Micro LED development and volume production.

The global display industry is at the stage of transformational development, as new display technologies and solutions are quickly gaining a dominant presence in the market, ushering in many opportunities for cross-domain convergences. And along with changes in global business models, the future development of display technologies is closely related to transportation, manufacturing, retail, and medical domains. In this regard, many heavyweight industrial leaders invited from at home and abroad will speak at an “International Display Manufacturing Conference” on the major topics of “smart healthcare,” “smart mobility,” “smart retail,” and “smart education and entertainment,” aiming to help attendees harness the latest display technologies and their applications to diverse domains.

Taiwan’s display industry scores annual production value of NT$1.4 trillion and has a total of near 150 000 employees, while also spawning the development of related electronic equipment and materials, AI-based smart production and smart machinery, involving over 300 000 employees. Strong government supports with injection of substantial investment funds and cultivation of technical talents have spurred a robust development of the display industry in Taiwan, helping it gain a solid presence in the global display market. This year, Touch Taiwan and Smart Manufacturing & Monitech Taiwan will again run in tandem to present the country’s robust prowess in such high-tech sectors as display, AI and semiconductor. Also, the shows will combine multiple subjects to promote exchanges between upstream and downstream supply chains and launch innovative cross-industry cooperation models to better tap future business opportunities. During the three-day exhibition period, the shows are expected to attract over 40 000 professional visitors.

Caption: Impressions from Touch Taiwan (photo: Chan Chao International)

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