Thinfilm and G World unveil first “Smart Wine Bottle”

The Ferngrove wine bottle with technology from Thinfilm and G World

Thin Film Electronics ASA, a leading developer of printed electronics and smart systems from Oslo, Norway, has announced a partnership with the G World Group, a global authentication company based in Australia specialising in transparency and accountability solutions. The partnership will unveil the industry’s first “smart wine bottle” with printed electronics technology.

The special wine bottle will feature Thinfilm’s patent-pending NFC OpenSense tags and G World’s globally patented SAMSCAN process, providing a compelling choice to global consumers for the purchase of authentic products and consumables while delivering significant anti-counterfeit protocols for the agricultural and beverage industries. The G World system will also deliver on the new free trade agreement initiatives between Australia and China, facilitating trade between the two countries by providing a transparent and accountable system for producers, governments and consumers.

After the official presentation of the new product, G World and Thinfilm will execute a live field trial in collaboration with Ferngrove Wine Group, a Western Australian premium wine company. G World has placed a 7-figure unit order for NFC OpenSense tags as part of the agreement with Thinfilm and in conjunction with the planned Ferngrove field trial.

“Winemakers and retailers currently are in need of a cost-effective and scalable means to track and confirm the authenticity of individual wine bottles across the supply chain. This gap in the current solution set gives counterfeiters an upper hand,” said Thinfilm Chief Commercial Officer Kai Leppänen. “We’re excited to show the industry how smart technology can provide an authentic solution and fulfil this consumer need.”

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