TechBlick: Status and future of perovskite, organic, and hybrid photovoltaics


As world leaders gathered in Glasgow to discuss climate policies, there was inevitably constant discussion on energy transition towards sustainable renewable sources.

Solar cells are unquestionably part of the answer. As shown in this article provided by TechBlick, photovoltaic technology has come far in terms of reducing $/W and expanding global production capacity. In fact, solar cells are now financially viable without subsidy in many regions of the world.  The installations are also rapidly growing every year as solar cells become a major part of the global energy mix.

TechBlick has organised a live (online) conference exploring the future of photovoltaic technologies. In this conference on 1 & 2 December, they will examine all the key trends in development of new photovoltaic technologies. Here, they consider perovskite, organic, CIGS as well as hybrid/tandem solar cells. They examine emerging production methods, considering the latest development in printing as well as R2R solution- or evaporation-based processing.  

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Caption: TechBlick has announced an event on the future of photovoltaics for 1 & 2 December (photo: TechBlick)

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