TechBlick: Highlighted trends and successful application examples in graphene and 2D materials


In his latest article, Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, CEO of TechBlick, who has tracked and analysed the graphene, carbon nanotube, and 2D material industry for over ten years now, will offer a tour of some interesting developments in the field.

These will demonstrate how the industry is maturing and finding diverse applications. It will cover graphene applications in heat spreaders, anti-corrosion coatings, large-area heating, pipes from recycled HDPE, R2R supercapacitor electrodes, Si anode batteries, automotive, fuel markers, biosensors, Li ion battery electrodes, ultra-filtration, composites, e-textiles, and beyond.

To read this article in full and to find out more about TechBlick's year round virtual platforms click here:

Caption: The TechBlick event on graphene and 2D materials will take place online on 14 and 15 April (photo: TechBlick)

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