TactoTek licensee Nanogate is ready for IMSE manufacturing


TactoTek (Oulu, Finland), a global leader in developing and industrialising in-mould structural electronics (IMSE) technology, announces that its licensee, Nanogate (Fohnsdorf, Austria), a leading global specialist for design-oriented high-tech surfaces and components, is ready to mass produce IMSE parts. Nanogate recently completed the IMSE Builder technology transfer and has verified IMSE manufacturing capabilities.

TactoTek’s IMSE Builder includes intellectual property rights, know-how, and instruction for IMSE manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance, as well as access to the database of TactoTek-verified materials and components. TactoTek has a hands-on technology transfer process to ensure that licensees master IMSE manufacturing before undertaking production projects.

“The transfer of IMSE manufacturing technology begins with in-person training using IMSE Builder documentation to increase general technology understanding, help adaptation to IMSE processes, materials, and testing, and prepares our licensees for manufacturing. Nanogate specialists worked alongside TactoTek employees on our IMSE production floor to provide real hands-on experience with IMSE manufacturing, testing, and QA,” says Marko Suo-Anttila, SVP professional services TactoTek. “The last technology transfer step was producing parts under serial conditions at Nanogate’s own facility at Fohnsdorf, the ‘SKINLINE’, to verify that their team had the skills and capabilities to succeed.”

Nanogate is part of the Techniplas Group and is globally known for producing high-quality, high-tech surfaces for home appliances, consumer electronics, medical, aviation, and automotive markets. The Techniplas Group runs 28 sites worldwide with production, sales, and/or technology hubs and employs just under 4000 staff members. The Austrian facility is the first factory ready for IMSE manufacturing.

According to Stefan Moitzi, general manager of the Nanogate ‘SKINLINE’ facility at Fohnsdorf, “TactoTek’s technology transfer process is very thorough and leaves nothing to chance—our team is confident in their ability to produce high-quality IMSE parts, having done so in both TactoTek’s factory and our own. We have strong demand across the markets that we serve to integrate electronic functions in a wide variety of high-quality cosmetic surfaces, and that’s a perfect fit with IMSE technology; moreover, today’s increased emphasis on ease of sterilising surfaces makes the seamless construction even more appealing.”

Techniplas is a global supplier of sophisticated plastic components and design-focused, multifunctional surfaces that are primarily for the automotive sector, as well as the industrial, consumer goods, medical and other markets. The company’s products follow industry trends like weight reduction and vehicle electrification, innovative operating concepts, high-quality surface finishes, and an increasing focus on convenience and safety.

The company serves customers and platforms around the world, focusing on technological expertise and collaboration with customers in the fields of design and engineering.

Caption: IMSE parts from TactoTek (photo: TactoTek)

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