TactoTek announces three product innovations at IMSE Days 4.0


The In-Mould Structural Electronics (IMSE) pioneer TactoTek (Oulu, Finland), recently announced three new products at its industry leader conference IMSE Days 4.0. The products are expected to enhance the company’s capability to address the growing demand for creating differentiating smart surfaces in the market place, manufactured in a sustainable manner. Karthikesh Raju, SVP for product management and marketing at TactoTek, says: “For our customers, the enhanced usability of TactoTek’s products and services will help scale the design, manufacturing and delivery of the solutions in the swiftly evolving market place.”

With IMSE Online, TactoTek offers an enhanced user experience for its licensees to identifying and interacting with the knowledge base products – IMSE Designer and Builder. It streamlines the delivery of the products and services, provided by a single sign-on platform hosting all the solutions. Overall, IMSE Online significantly improves the usability of the products.

IMSE Trainer is a simple-to-use, self-directed programme to learn about IMSE technology. This LMS based platform enables the licensees to interact with the experts and accelerate the engineers’ ability to design with IMSE technology. IMSE Trainer ensures that designers understand how smart structures with IMSE technology are designed. A module-based self-learning platform will enable the users to discover the rules of IMSE design, and apply and test that knowledge. IMSE Trainer also enables designers to interact with the experts through a Q&A module.

The first reference design, IMSE Mesa Controller provides a practical method for implementing IMSE technology for the benefit of a Human Machine Interface (HMI) application. The IMSE Mesa Controller provides a framework for building applications for different market segments incl. smart home, automotive and industrial controls. The family includes intelligent ambient light and combined with an external haptics module or a UI framework, several HMI applications can be developed.  This reference design is an advanced HMI system unlike any in the marketplace today. The TactoTek IMSE Mesa Controller enables licensees and customers to utilise the principles to build enriching surfaces meeting their own specific needs.

Caption: TactoTek’s customers are provided with IMSE Online, a single sign-on platform for accessing all products and services (photo: TactoTek)

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