TactoTek granted 250th patent for structural smart surfaces

TactoTek, global leader in Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE) technology from Oulu (Finland), has received its 250th patent grant spanning 48 patent families.

As TactoTek points out in a company statement, its extensive patent portfolio covers many dimensions of IMSE technology, including design, construction and production. Among the many TactoTek innovations are integrating electronic components inside of injection-molded smart surfaces and multiple lighting techniques that support illumination brand design language OEMs use for function, styling and usability, including emblems, light lines, indicators and ambient lighting in ultra-thin parts. "With access to TactoTek’s broad and deep patent portfolio, TactoTek licensees have unparalleled freedom to innovate, globally", the company says.

TactoTek’s patents include building blocks for IMSE solutions that are horizontal in market appeal: automotive, aerospace, industrial controls, smart home and medical devices can all benefit from IMSE technology. IMSE solutions integrate electronics, mechanics and cosmetics into thin, 3D structures that deliver step-function improvements in sustainability.

Turn plastics into sophisticated single-piece electronic solutions

TactoTek’s core business model is licensing intellectual property to companies that design and manufacture IMSE parts for OEMs and brands. TactoTek licensees use the company’s intellectual property to build their businesses, often moving up the value chain as they turn surface plastics into sophisticated, seamless, single-piece electronic solutions.

According to the Finnish company, its "unparalleled patent portfolio" reflects its "enduring commitment to market-driven applied research and development of IMSE core technologies." As TactoTek continues, capability, reliability, manufacturability, cost and sustainability—the priorities of licensees and their customers—focus the company’s efforts. TactoTek intellectual property forms a basis for innovation and enables licensees to create differentiated application designs built with IMSE technology.

"Our team is focused on innovations that support market priorities of OEMs and brands as they embrace smart surface technologies,," notes Antti Keränen, TactoTek’s co-founder and CTO. "TactoTek’s commitment to innovation that is reflected in reaching the 250-patent milestone is in service of helping our licensees build their businesses."

About TactoTek
TactoTek, Oy (Oulu/Finland), claims to be the world leader in developing and licensing injection-molded structural electronics (IMSE) technologies. According to the company, "automotive, aviation, connected home, industrial control and medical brands use TactoTek innovations to create next-generation user experiences that are compelling, differentiated, and more sustainable." Designers use TactoTek IP to integrate circuits and components directly into plastic parts, transforming conventional structures into smart interactive surfaces. TactoTek licenses its intellectual property, including 250 patents and critical know-how developed over a decade of intensive R&D and quality testing, to global manufacturers who use reliable, standardized manufacturing processes to produce curved-shape and conformal electronics.

Caption: IMSE designs integrate mechanical structures and electrical functions into a single part. (Picture: TactoTek)



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