Sun Chemical to present its portfolio of advanced materials at Display Week 2018


Sun Chemical (Parsippany, New Jersey) and its parent company, DIC Corporation, will showcase their portfolio of display application solutions during Display Week 2018 (20-25 May in Los Angeles). Visitors will be introduced to a range of innovative technologies for displays, including liquid crystal and photoalignment materials from DIC Corporation, nanosilver and border inks for form and function, conductive pastes and inks for electroluminescent lighting, tapes and adhesives, and optical materials.

“Sun Chemical is committed to providing our customers with tailor-made solutions for a range of display applications,” said Christine Medordi, marketing manager, Sun Chemical. “Visitors at Display Week 2018 can learn about our custom solutions for liquid crystal, printed antenna, lighting, CIDs, HUDs, and components assembly.”

Sun Chemical’s vast range of inks for displays delivers both functionality and decoration. Screen-printable, fine-line PTF silver conductive inks from the SunTronic NANOSILVER family deliver exceptionally high conductivity in 50-micron-wide lines. Sun Chemical recently expanded its EMD5000 range with both inkjet- and aerosol-jet printable conductive inks for high print resolution, the best performing low-temperature sintering properties, and adhesion to a variety of substrates.

With its recent acquisition of Gwent Electronic Materials, Sun Chemical has further strengthened its printed electronics offering with tailor-made conductive inks and pastes for thin, long-life electroluminescent lighting.

Caption: Gwent Electronic Materials is a manufacturer of tailor-made conductive inks and materials for biosensors and part of Sun Chemical since 2016 (photo: Sun Chemical)  

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