Sun Chemical demonstrates its capabilities in industrial print applications at InPrint 2017


Sun Chemical will be presenting a unique range of products and expertise for functional, industrial and specialty print applications at InPrint 2017, 14-16 November in Munich, Germany.

SunJet, the global inkjet brand of Sun Chemical and DIC, will demonstrate its latest developments in inkjet chemistry and its ability to collaborate in development projects with OEM partners, system integrators and print head manufacturers for all current & future applications in a broad range of market sectors, including graphics, décor, textile, industrial and packaging.

Sun Chemical Advanced Materials will present its SunTronic range of products developed to cater for the growth in printed electronics and touch-screen technology applications. The range includes new conductive solutions incorporating nano-silver particles for improved sinter at lower temperatures, advanced dielectric materials as well as its latest etch-resist solutions and masks.

A further highlight is Sun Chemical’s nano-silver ink, which has been designed for use with industry-leading inkjet and aerosol jet systems in printed electronics. Sun Chemical’s nano-silver inks are reported to deliver the industry’s best performing, low temperature sintering properties and the unique chemistry offers long open life, superior jetting performance and compatibility with most commercial and industrial printheads. With Sun Chemical’s nano-silver inks, it now becomes possible to work with one nano-silver from prototype to production.

Commenting on Sun Chemical’s participation in InPrint 2017, Peter Saunders, global business director at SunJet, says: “As an enabler for many industrial-based applications, inkjet technology is finding itself increasingly used in, or alongside, all manner of manufacturing processes, and it is this exciting future that continues to drive our commitment in the research and development of ground-breaking solutions to cater for this growing demand.

Caption: InPrint 2017 will take place in Munich from 14-16 November (photo: Mack Brooks Exhibitions)

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