Solliance partners with Solar Boat Twente

The Solar Boat Twente team is realising the first boat that fully operates on energy generated by thin film solar cells. The Dutch solar research institute Solliance, which is based in Eindhoven, is proud to be one of the leading partners involved in the Solar Boat Contest 2017. The specially developed laminates on base of Hanergy/Mia Sole flexible CIGS solar cells cover the full deck of the boat and contribute to weight reduction compared with conventional crystalline silicon solar panels. This is important for gaining higher top speeds. With the help of Solliance, the highly motivated Solar Boat Twente team aims for a podium position at the Monaco Solar Boat Challenge.

Here they will compete against the best European teams. The Monaco Solar Boat Challenge is scheduled on 14-16 July 2017. In addition, they will also participate during the Dutch Eneco ZonnebootRace scheduled in Akkrum. This demonstration and prestige project for Solliance is a prelude to projects in which integration of flexible solar foil, in large scale applied applications, is said to be the key towards a real penetration of solar power in the environment.

Caption: Thin film solar cells are the power source for the Solar Boat Twente team (Photo: Solliance)


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