SolarWindow launches brand awareness campaign for planned electricity-generating windows


SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (Scottsdale, Arizona), developer of transparent liquid coatings that convert passive windows into electricity-generating windows, has initiated plans to introduce its planned electricity-generating glass products to potential customers, architects, designers, engineers, developers, contractors and glaziers, and commercial building owners.

The company’s brand awareness campaign is designed to be a multi-media outreach that includes social media, television, radio, trade shows, and print programmes.  Its plan is to build SolarWindow awareness well in advance of full commercial launch of its electricity-generating SolarWindow products and technology. Among many outreach priorities in the near future, the company intends to unveil its largest SolarWindow ever produced and introduce the public to various upcoming product iterations.

“Our company mandate is simple and clear: we are defining our branding awareness programme so that it facilitates, appeals, and cultivates our message and delivers on our mission in a consistent, clear, and credible way,” stated Harmel S. Rayat, chairman of SolarWindow Technologies.

“With specialised high-output manufacturing equipment on order, and additional process equipment being specified; and as we get closer to being able to accept sales orders, we believe it is prudent to educate and inform as many people as we possibly can about a brand-new form of electrification – the SolarWindow. Our first initiative is to accomplish our basic goal of creating strong investor, public, and potential customer interest and awareness. Watch for more updates in the near future.”

Recently, the company announced a number of other important corporate achievements, including the investment of almost $25M into SolarWindow by Kalen Capital Corporation, the family office of chairman and majority stockholder Harmel Rayat; the appointment of Bob Levine to the board of directors, a co-founder of one of the fastest growing real estate companies in the world; the ordering of high-volume equipment for integration at its industry partner, Triview Glass Industries, to produce SolarWindow electricity-generating glass products; the addition of Tim Widner to the board of advisors, a 20-year glass industry professional who has overseen the production of 300 million square feet of tempered glass and more than 30 million insulated glass units; the appointment of Steve Horovitz to the board of directors, a 25-year veteran of commercial real estate holding executive positions managing or marketing upwards of 3 million square feet of commercial, industrial and apartment properties; and the hiring of additional key staff members to grow SolarWindow’s technical and production teams, with more to follow by year-end.

Caption: SolarWindow Technologies wants to increase brand awareness through a new campaign (photo: Solar Window Technologies)

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