SMARTRAC introduces ready-to-use animal ID implanting kit

The InTrace Cannula from SMARTRAC

The leading RFID technology provider SMARTRAC Technology Group (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) has launched InTrace Cannula, an animal ID product solution. The enhanced transponder implanting system can be used for easy and efficient RFID tagging of most animal species including pets, cattle, sheep, horses, fish, birds or reptiles.

The InTrace Cannula contains three components in a single blister package: a cannula, a SMARTRAC glass tag pre-installed in the cannula, and six barcoded stickers for registration, recording veterinarian treatment, or for use by the animal’s owner. The package is programmed with SMARTRAC’s specific ICAR code, or can optionally carry a manufacturer / country code provided by the customer.

The thin, stainless-steel cannula features a facet cut that ensures a fast and easy injection. The cannula package comes with a luer lock connector, a mandrin and a protective cap at the needle tip. The mandrin is a slim, plastic stick inside the cannula for single implanting use to avoid the transmission of infection. The stick, together with a tiny silicon dot inside the needle tip, prevents accidental dropout of the transponder at either end of the cannula. InTrace Cannula is ethylene oxide gas-sterilised and germ-free for a minimum duration of five years after production.

“Complementing SMARTRAC‘s comprehensive Animal ID portfolio, InTrace Cannula offers distinct benefits to our customers. The new system features fast and secure implanting of our market-leading glass tags without stressing the animal unnecessarily. It offers a cost-efficient way to provide countless animals with electronic identities on the Internet, enabling innovative solutions in the fast growing markets for livestock farming, pet applications or laboratory environments”, says Robert Blaschke, Head of Animal ID Segment at SMARTRAC.

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