Smartrac and Compass to jointly expand the SRL network


Smartrac Technology Group (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), a leader in RFID products and IoT solutions, and Compass Marketing (Annapolis, Maryland), a leading provider of marketing and technology solutions in the CPG industry, have announced a partnership to keep accelerating the success of the Smart Retail Label (SRL) Network globally.

As part of their collaboration, Smartrac will provide its high-quality and reliable NFC inlays as the basis for the physical SRL tags, which are at the heart of the SRL Network, and have already been integrated by major brands, retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) players.

Over the past five years, Compass has continuously built up the SRL Network in partnership with large companies such as Microsoft, enabling retailers and branded product manufacturers to improve their operational efficiency, reduce out-of-stock incidents and communicate directly with consumers through their NFC-enabled smartphones. Now, by leveraging Smartrac’s RFID and NFC expertise, the SRL Network’s existing and new customer base will establish a new direct-to-consumer (D2C) communications channel that is reported to provide a revolutionary next level of product transparency to brick-and-mortar stores and will further enhance the customer experience. Consumers can access all benefits by simply tapping their smartphones on the SRL tags attached to a wide variety of branded products and packaged goods, without the need to download or use any app.

“This isn’t only an exciting step forward for our organisations, it’s also an exciting step forward for hundreds of millions of customers across the world in terms of the daily buying decisions they are making,” said John White, CEO, Compass Marketing Inc. “Smartrac is a pivotal partner, allowing us to offer this level of transparency to consumers at a price that will not affect product costs. This is a change that is overdue for brick-and-mortar businesses, and we are thrilled to help usher in the future of retail.”

“It’s an honour for us to partner with Compass Marketing to further strengthen the SRL Network. The opportunity to be part of this transformative system to link brands, retailers and consumers by providing a whole new degree of transparency and interaction between all players is a great motivation for us. It also confirms that the rapidly evolving RFID ecosystem is an integral part of today’s trailblazing solutions, and that Smartrac’s outstanding RFID and NFC product portfolio positions us well as the leading supplier,” said Amir Mobayen, president, Transponder Division and chief revenue officer at Smartrac.

Caption: A part of Smartrac’s NFC portfolio (photo: Smartrac)

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