SmartKem unveils branding for pioneering display project


SmartKem (Manchester, UK), a leading developer of organic semiconductors for the manufacture of low power, lightweight and conformal liquid crystal (LC) and OLED displays, has revealed further details of an innovative project to accelerate the production of a new generation of display-based products. FLEXTRANS is a two-year programme to support the transition to market of their truFLEX thin film transistor (TFT) platform for the manufacture of high performance active matrix display backplanes on glass or plastic. 

Through a combination of intensive commercial technology transfer and the creation of pre-production prototypes, the EU-funded project will accelerate the market entry of this new benchmark in low power, ultra-thin and lightweight OLED and LC displays for wearable, mobile and computer based applications. 

These differentiated products have been forecast to be a key factor in driving high growth in the global display industry, creating growth in the demand for European chemical, scientific and high-IP solutions. The €2.65M project – led by SmartKem –  has today unveiled a new website and brand: FLEXTRANS - Transferring Flexible Display Technology to Industry.

Dr Mike Cowin, head of strategic marketing at SmartKem, said: “The name FLEXTRANS was chosen to reflect our aim – transferring European expertise to Asia in organic semiconductors for the manufacture of flexible displays to enable our commercial partners to scale up for this new standard in display production. We are delighted with the project’s progress and are pleased to launch the new website, which will prove an invaluable tool in keeping the display industry up to date with the latest advances in display technology.” 

FLEXTRANS is a multi-party project involving several European pioneers in the display industry. It is co- funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union.

Caption: FLEXTRANS supports the transition to market of SmartKem’s truFLEX TFT platform

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