SmartKem discusses the route to low cost TFT at Emerging Technologies Conference in Shanghai


Leader in the design and development of organic semiconductors for electronic displays, SmartKem’s Gary Tam, Asia business development director, will be speaking at a prominent industry conference later this month.

Emerging Technologies 2018 will be held at the Crown Plaza in Shanghai, China, between 24 and 26 January. The event focusses on global technological development and trends in a wide range of disciplines, including printed and flexible electronics and display technology.

SmartKem has announced a number of deals with leading Asian display makers to commercialise its TruFLEX technology – a groundbreaking step in the development of OLED and LCD based on plastic rather than glass.

Enabling the development of low power, lightweight, robust and flexible displays, UK-based SmartKem’s technology has attracted significant interest in recent months and the company has made significant strides forward in OTFT manufacture. Gary Tam will be sharing the team’s experience of the road to commercialisation at the conference.

Tam commented: “We’re delighted to be sharing our experience in the development of truFLEX. Global brands are crying out for next generation differentiated devices and we believe that organic semiconductor integration will create truly innovative design opportunities. The Holy Grail for many companies is flexible and foldable display, as well as reducing the power consumption of displays to reduce the frequency of charging for consumers; truFLEX delivers on both fronts.”

Talking about key technology trends and needs in the electronic display market, as well as offering an insight into the intellectual property portfolio of the company, Tam will explain the results achieved to date on the Gen 2.5 OTFT plate and talk about the innovation roadmap of the company in the coming months.

Caption: Gary Tam, Asia business development director (photo: SmartKem)

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