Sensirion: Sensor technology is helping the treatment of COVID patients


The number of COVID-19 patients is currently on the rise again, and with it the hospitalisation rate. To redistribute the burden on hospitals, patients are being transferred between different federal states. The flow sensor from Sensirion (Stäfa, Switzerland) is playing an important role in this, enabling gentle ventilation during transfer between intensive care units.

Sensirion’s flow sensors provide highly accurate and reliable measurements of gas and respiratory flows to and from the patient. They work using the unique CMOSens Technology, which combines sensor element and evaluation electronics in a single chip. These flow sensors are built into the hose system of the MEDUMAT Standard² ventilator from WEINMANN Emergency. The sensor measures the volume being inhaled and exhaled by patients, allowing the non-invasive ventilation, among other things, to be optimised. Ventilation systems like this are also used in hospitals and are particularly gentle on the lungs. With the MEDUMAT Standard² ventilator, this lung-protecting ventilation can be continued even during transport. Sensirion’s sensor is therefore playing a key role in transferring COVID-19 patients.

Due to the increase in cases, the demand for ventilation tubes is also growing. Sensirion has been reliably supplying WEINMANN Emergency with flow sensors for various types of ventilators for almost seven years. “We are very pleased that Sensirion was able to supply us with additional flow sensors at such short notice in this challenging global supply environment, enabling us to meet the global demand for ventilation tubing in ambulances and patient transport vehicles,” explains Jan Herburg, purchasing manager at WEINMANN Emergency. Dr. Andreas Alt, director medical at Sensirion, adds: “For Sensirion, it was clear that we were doing everything possible to support our long-term partner with additional sensors and, in doing so, contribute to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by redistributing patients to hospital with free spaces.”

Caption: Sensirion’s sensor technology is playing an important role in enabling gentle ventilation for COVID ICU patients (photo: Sensirion)

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