Saueressig offers full service for printed electronics

Printed electronics has become an important field for Saueressig

The German company Saueressig GmbH  + Co. KG, a renowned expert in premium rotogravure and special machinery solutions, is exploring the printing properties of inks and coatings for all manners of applications. The interaction between the printing plate and the functional ink is critical to achieving optimum results. Complex inks in particular demand a great deal from the printing plate. The knowledge acquired in this area is now being used for printing on electronically functional materials.

Saueressig has already been working on the development of suitable solutions for the printing of sensors, memory elements, and RFID antennas, etc., for a number of years. As a result, the company can offer its clients a wide range of products in the field of printed electronics. Development, testing, tools, along with appropriate machinery for producing electronic components – all from a single source.

Printing and embossing plates from Saueressig are reported to measure up to the highest quality standards. The uniform surface of the printing plate makes it possible to always print electronic components of consistently good quality. In addition, the printing plate’s long service life promises an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

With printing and embossing plates from Saueressig, customers can test their electronic components at Saueressig laboratories before putting them on the market. Doing so allows them to cost-effectively check their interim results and pursue further development. Should innovative machine components be needed, Saueressig's expertise in constructing special-purpose machines can be of further assistance. Saueressig has more than 50 years’ experience in fashioning and refining continuous-feed materials and is therefore ideally positioned to support the client's project and guide it to a successful conclusion.

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