Sally R, ELSYS, and Epishine partner to make the shift to sustainable buildings easier and more accessible


In a groundbreaking move toward advancing smart building solutions, industry leaders Sally R (Västerås, Sweden) a pioneer in smart building control, leading sensor supplier ELSYS (Umea, Sweden), and indoor solar cell manufacturer Epishine (Linköping, Sweden) have joined forces to provide a complete solution. The collaboration is simplifying sustainable building practices, where all aspects of smart building management are taken into consideration. Importantly, this partnership underscores  indoor solar cells as a pivotal power source for sensors, marking a new era in building optimisation.

In the age of IoT, Sally R, ELSYS, and Epishine recognise the need for sustainable solutions to power sensors that drive intelligent building management. This partnership signifies a shared commitment to a greener and more efficient IoT landscape, promising endless opportunities for future developments.

"Embracing innovation is part of our journey towards a more sustainable and efficient smart building landscape. Our collaboration with ELSYS and Epishine represents a step in this direction," said Erik Vallgårda, COO at Sally R.

In practical implementation, Sally R has deployed these innovative sensors alongside conventional  battery-powered counterparts at a major shopping mall in Stockholm. Supported by Netmore's IoT network, this project provides crucial insights into the performance and potential enhancements of self-powered sensors.

Johan Haake, CTO at ELSYS emphasises the environmental significance of their innovation, stating, "Traditional batteries come with environmental challenges. By capturing indoor light, we aim to revolutionise sensors and building optimization for a more sustainable future."

Self-powered sensors not only reduce the environmental impact associated with battery production, usage, and disposal but also facilitate optimisation without the hassles of batteries and the complexity of wired solutions. These sensors operate seamlessly with indoor lighting, ensuring consistent data collection without the need for maintenance. Over time, substantial savings can be realised by eliminating the costs of battery procurement, replacement, and disposal, further enhanced by Sally R's optimisation services.

"Light-powered sensors offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative. Combining our expertise with Sally R and ELSYS enables a complete solution for building  facilities" said Mattias Josephson VP Business Development at Epishine.

This collaboration epitomises the synergy between software, sensor technology, IoT connectivity, and indoor solar cell manufacturing. Sally R, ELSYS, and Epishine are not only innovating but are also setting a new sustainability standard in sustainable buildings.

Sally R is redefining sustainability in the global real estate market by optimising existing HVAC systems in buildings with an add-on software service. The service ensures good indoor climate and air quality in commercial buildings while reducing energy consumption, resulting in decreased costs and CO2 emissions.

ELSYS provides LoRaWAN sensors for smart buildings, cities, and industries. With more than a decade of gathered knowledge of wireless sensors, ELSYS has grown to be leading in its field. The sensors are used for indoor climate control, energy efficiency, dynamic workplaces, and more.

Epishine is an energy impact company, reimagining the capture of light with market leading printed organic solar cells. Their technology captures indoor light to make electronics self-powered, making cables, disposable batteries and unnecessary maintenance a thing of the past.

Caption: Partnership between Sally R, ELSYS and Epishine (photo: Epishine)

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