SALD enters 2023 with high demand


“We have started 2023 with bulging order books,” says a delighted Frank Verhage, CEO of the Dutch SALD BV (Eindhoven). The specialist in the surface technology “Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition” (SALD) says it is experiencing sustained high demand from industry. “We are increasingly seeing our multi-patented technology for spatial atomic layer deposition leaving the laboratory and entering industrial production,” says Frank Verhage.

The process can be used to apply coatings as thin as an atom on an industrial scale. SALD surface coating is said to have the potential to fundamentally change numerous industries. However, the Eindhoven-based technology incubator initially wants to focus on efficient solar cells, long-lasting batteries and environmentally friendly packaging. “Better use of solar energy, improving battery technology and sustainable packaging are key markets for SALD deployment,” explains CEO Frank Verhage.

He adds: “They are also consistently core issues for the future of humanity. If we succeed in converting the sun's radiant power into electricity much more efficiently than today and storing it in batteries with many times the current capacity, our current energy problems would be solved. Naturally, this will not happen overnight, but SALD technology is a decisive catalyst on this path. In the packaging industry, SALD can be used to create airtight barrier layers that increase shelf life and eliminate the need for plastics.”

Caption: The SALD team (photo: SALD BV)

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