rlc packaging group shows new smart packaging concepts

The Illumination concept of rlc's Lumen series

With the concept series “Lumen”, the folding carton manufacturer rlc packaging group, which is based in Hanover, Germany, presents new packaging ideas that connect lighting effects with special constructions. Printed electronics is used to underline the special forms and colours, as well as individual details of the packaging. Thanks to different switching mechanisms, the lighting function can be used directly at the point-of-sale or later on after the opening of the packaging.

For the rlc packaging group, “Smart Packaging” plays an increasingly important role. The company works together with a packaging design agency in order to create unconventional strategies for more product awareness. The concept series “Lumen” concentrates on the interplay of light in connection with individual packaging constructions.

Currently, there are four variants of “Lumen”. The concept “Signs” uses perforations in the writing to illuminate the logo indirectly from behind. If a customer grabs the packaging, a pressure sensor on the backside triggers the lighting – a surprising moment at the point-of-sale. “Shades of Gold” boasts a hexagonal construction. Here, LEDs are located on the front, behind single, comb-like segments that are gold-coloured. A sensor on the backside reacts to the moisture of skin upon touching and works as a switch. The “Illumination” concept lends the flacon inside the packaging a glamourous appearance and surprises consumers upon opening: a light-sensitive sensor activates the LEDs on the bottom as soon as the lid is opened. In this way, the entire flacon is illuminated from below. The “Shadowplay” concept uses a semi-transparent cellulose material. A pressure-sensitive sensor on the back activates the lighting, which illuminates the flacon from behind and makes its contours visible on the front – just like on a canvas.

The batteries used offer enough performance for up to two days of constant illumination. Within the packaging, they can be stored on the shelves for up to six months.  

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