RFID label with longer reading range

  An example of ((rfid))-DistaFerr ESD in use
An example of ((rfid))-DistaFerr ESD in use

With “((rfid))-Dista Ferr ESD” German Schreiner LogiData presents a new RFID solution that is said offer a solution to problems conventional RFID labels have, like poor reading results on ESD containers and ESD production racks.

According to Schreiner ((rfid))-DistaFerr ESD achieves long ranges, even in very small label sizes and the label’s thin design and flexible material make it equally suitable for use on assembly components and containers or production racks made of ESD plastics.

It has been specifically designed for use in challenging conditions. The embedded RFID chip can be programmed as required and customers can use on-site thermal transfer printers to customise their labels with details such as barcodes, human readable text or logos.

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