R2Flex project has been successfully finished

  The R2Flex desk luminaire
The R2Flex desk luminaire

As Fraunhofer COMEDD and Tridonic Dresden recently announced the joint OLED project R2Flex, which was aimed at the production of highly efficient organic devices on flexible substrates, manufactured in a roll-to-roll process technology, has been brought to a successful conclusion. As a result the two companies present a demonstrator of a desk luminaire with flexible OLED.

The demonstrator consists of two flexible OLEDs on metal substrate, which were produced at Fraunhofer COMEDD. The modules were serially connected via flexible contacting. The luminaire combines both straight and curved shapes. The curved shape of the head section of the luminaire presents the flexibility of the OLED.

In the course of the project Fraunhofer COMEDD has improved its roll-to-roll research line, which consists of a vacuum system for the evaporation of organic materials. Furthermore, it includes a coating and lamination system, which can be used under nitrogen atmosphere, and an optical inspection system for defect control and processes monitoring on flexible foils.

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