QuirkLogic drives innovation through remote collaboration


QuirkLogic (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), a provider of mobile digital writing devices with cloud-based collaboration functions, recently announced Quilla Connect, a companion app for the Quilla digital writing solution. Quilla enables meeting participants to contribute to collaboration and ideation sessions no matter their location. Quilla Connect extends and enables the engagement for those who are remote by allowing them to use any Android 7 based tablet, smartphone or Chromebook, to connect to the Quilla ecosystem through a secured cloud service. With improved access through mobile devices, organisations can spontaneously source and develop ideas from both employees and partners working collaboratively.

With Quilla Connect, remote participants involved in meetings that require collaboration and brainstorming can easily and seamlessly connect to, engage and edit content on Quilla in real-time. Through an easy to use interface, remote users can connect to Quilla documents, designs and workbooks to view shared pages and participate in annotating them in real-time from anywhere. At the end of a session, files are securely stored on the cloud and can easily be exported as a PDF.

“Today’s remote workforce is made up of designers, engineers, executives, artists, educators and many other professionals, but the ability to collaborate with colleagues and partners in real-time is essential to anyone who creates or innovates as part of their job,” said Alan D. Greenberg, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research. “Tools that allow remote employees to more actively participate in meetings while still keeping a company’s intellectual property secure will play an essential role in helping organisations to innovate faster.”

More than a digital writing device, Quilla enables teams in multiple locations to create and collaborate in new ways, formulating, capturing and sharing content-rich ideas in real-time, speeding problem solving and time to innovation. This uninterrupted creativity helps companies to develop faster product launches, hold more efficient meetings and brainstorms, cultivate more unique and creative designs and better engage clients and partners.

“Successful innovation requires that all members of a team are able to collaborate and contribute, no matter their physical location, but all too often remote participants are confined to the role of spectator in meetings and brainstorm sessions,” said Nashir Samanani, CEO of QuirkLogic. “Quilla Connect enables true creative collaboration across devices and geographies that helps move the creation and innovation process forward by allowing all team members to productively and securely participate on their own mobile device.”

Caption: QuirkLogic’s Quilla ecosystem is reported to enable remote collaboration in the workspace (photo: QuirkLogic)

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