Pröll KG showcases its products at LOPEC 2018


At the upcoming LOPEC 2018, which will take place from 14-15 March 2018 at Messe Munich, Germany, Pröll KG from Weissenburg, Germany, will present a range of solutions and products for the printed electronics industry.

  1. Hybrid PS Screen Printing Stencil

The Hybrid PS Screen is a high-tech screen printing stencil, developed for industrial applications. According to Pröll, the stencil shows excellent detail reproduction and highest print accuracy. Image carrier is a highly precise nickel shadow mask made by SPGPrints, fixed in a PET mesh. The hexagonal mesh design leads to a homogenous ink or paste transfer. Due to the excellent printing resolution of the stencil, line structures of > 30 µm can be realised. The accurate dimensional stability of the Hybrid PS Screen guarantees constant print runs and reduced production costs. Due to virtually distortion-free printing, accurate multi-layer sequences for the manufacture of complex micro electronic devices can be produced. Pröll Services GmbH Hildesheim is a leading supplier of technical screen printing screens.

  1. NORIPHAN XMR screen printing ink for IMD/FIM technology

NORIPHAN XMR is a halogen-free two-component ink system for IMD/FIM technology. NORIPHAN XMR is formable, shows extremely high wash-out resistance, outstanding cohesion in compound and long-term durability in the final part.

The mild screen printing ink can be used as decorating ink or wash-out protective layer on PC films and PET films.

NORIPHAN XMR shows high electrical resistance in capacitive fields. The black colour shades can be used for back printing of conductive pastes in functional IMD/FIM parts due to its non-conductivity.

The highly resistant screen printing ink can be used for conventional printing applications as well. NORIPHAN XMR shows excellent adhesion on PC films, PC blend films, pre-treated PET films and corona treated PE and PP films. Even on various scratch resistant surfaces or hard coat lacquers and TPU materials a good ink adhesion can be achieved.

Caption: The Hybrid PS Screen Printing Stencil (photo: Pröll KG)

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