Printed low-cost device for UV-light monitoring

  The new printed device for UV monitoring
The new printed device for UV monitoring

Acreo Swedish ICT has just announced that it has developed a new type of printed UV-light detector that is now ready for the market and will be demonstrated at LOPEC in Munich 27-28 May and Biosensors in Melbourne 27-30 May.

The innovation behind the system is a new type of ink that detects and measures UV-light directly on the printed sensor platform. The fully functional prototype is based on the integrated, printed sensor platform earlier developed by Acreo in cooperation with Linköping University.

The UV-detector contains a printed area that is sensitive to UV light. The radiation is converted to an electronic signal which is proportional to UV light intensity. The result of the measurement is read directly on the display. It also gives the total dose of UV light exposure.

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