PragmatIC joins forces with Topolytics on UK government circular economy initiative


PragmatIC has announced another order for its ConnectIC family of ultra-low-cost flexible integrated circuits. Topolytics, a leading waste analytics company, will use RFID tags incorporating PragmatIC’s unique technology to deliver the UK’s first comprehensive digital waste tracking solution.

Topolytics uses machine learning and mapping to generate informative reports through its WasteMap platform. The system collates data from mobile devices and apps, logistics and waste management systems and sensors on waste, containers or vehicles.

As part of a UK Government initiative, Topolytics will now leverage PragmatIC’s products to enable item-level digital tracking of waste. ConnectICs are flexible and thinner than a human hair, suitable for embedding into a wide range of substrates including both paper and plastic. The insights gained from this deployment will be used to improve regulations and processes for more efficient waste management across the UK.

According to Michael Groves, CEO of Topolytics, “PragmatIC’s solution will provide a uniquely rich source of data about the identities and locations of objects in the real world, enabling our platform to generate even more compelling insights.”

Following the launch of the ConnectIC product family earlier this year and involvement in the initial Government-funded smart waste tracking challenge, PragmatIC has also worked with the Tyre Recovery Association (TRA) and one of its members. This pilot project clearly demonstrated how ConnectIC-based RFID tags can simplify the recycling or disposal of used tyres.

Tim Stott, president, TRA, confirmed: “We have now proven that item-level digital tracking is a viable long-term solution for the tyre recovery sector, which processes over 40 million used tyres in the UK every year.”

“We are excited to be working with Topolytics on this initiative,” said Scott White, CEO of PragmatIC. “As demand for PragmatIC’s ground-breaking technology continues to escalate, with a wide range of different applications for global organisations across diverse markets, PragmatIC’s collaborations with innovative solution partners are key.”

Caption: PragmatIC and Topolytics are collaborating in the area of digital waste tracking (photo: PragmatIC)

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