PragmatIC and S&S smooth the way for ultra-low cost printed RFID


PragmatIC (Cambridge, UK) has announced a strategic collaboration with Smooth & Sharp Corporation (S&S), a major supplier of RFID inlays and manufacturing tools, which is expected to accelerate the adoption of PragmatIC’s flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs).

S&S has significant experience designing manufacturing equipment for traditional silicon inlays, which they have adapted to deliver a new flip-chip machine for PragmatIC’s unique FlexICs. With a throughput of 4200 UPH (parts per hour), the new machine offers the lowest up-front cost for assembly of FlexICs onto paper or plastic inlays.

The new machine has been demonstrated not only with conventional aluminium antennas, but also a range of antennas produced by S&S using flexographic, inkjet and screen printing. The availability of printed electronic solutions further lowers the cost barrier for RFID inlays.

This radical change in cost, coupled with the incredibly thin, flexible and robust nature of FlexICs, opens up the potential for consumer goods brands to rapidly adopt and scale new smart packaging solutions based on RFID and NFC functionality that were previously unaffordable.

“We are very excited that Smooth & Sharp Corporation are delivering solutions that enable the integration of our unique technology for ultra-low cost flexible electronics” said Scott White, CEO of PragmatIC. “Our strong portfolio of partners, including our global RFID and NFC inlay manufacturers, ensures that the worlds’ largest consumer brands can now add intelligence into everyday items.”

“Smooth & Sharp Corporation is focused on delivering the best solutions for our customers” commented Alan Wu, CEO of S&S. “Combining PragmatIC’s novel FlexICs with our printed antennas on low cost substrates will bring significant advantages for customers who want to add RFID and NFC to a more diverse range of inexpensive products.”

Caption: PragmatIC has entered into a partnership with S&S (photo: PragmatIC)

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