PocketBook and Plastic Logic cooperate

  The CoverReader
The CoverReader

Plastic Logic Ltd, a UK based specialist for flexible displays, and Pocketbook Readers GmbH, a German producer of multifunctional electronic devices based on E Ink technology, recently announced that they will team up to develop the next PocketBook CoverReader.

The CoverReader is a thin and light flip cover for smartphones with an integrated electrophoretic display (EPD). It is said to significantly increase the comfort of reading on a smartphone. The integrated E Ink screen is daylight readable.

The next generations of CoverReader are planned to be developed for use with smartphone brands such as Samsung, HTC and Sony. This second generation will use Plastic Logic's flexible EPD product. The 4.8" display will be manufactured in the company's Dresden facility. This new display has a range of benefits - such screens are flexible, shatterproof, ultra-thin, ultra-lightweight, power saving and daylight readable.

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