"The most powerful organic photovoltaic system to date in Germany"

A pioneering rooftop solar project featuring Heliatek's innovative HeliaSol solar films has been successfully completed in Dülmen (Germany). The project, a collaboration between German companies Heliatek from Dresden, Laukien from Kiel and TEPE Systemhallen from Dülmen marks a milestone in sustainable energy solutions that shows the versatility of HeliaSol.

Laukien, renowned for its rooftop elements, partnered with TEPE Systemhallen for the renovation of their rooftop, incorporating 690 HeliaSol solar films. With a total project size of 38 kWp, this installation is the most powerful organic photovoltaic (OPV) system to date in Germany.

Maximilian Klein, CEO TEPE Systemhallen: "With their extremely light weight and easy installation, Heliatek's solar films are a perfect match for our lightweight system halls. They can even be integrated into construction elements during the manufacturing process and then no longer need to be glued on site, which makes the construction of our system halls even more efficient. With the solar films, our halls become even more sustainable and our customers become clean energy generators."

The project is special because the HeliaSol solar films were seamlessly integrated into Laukien's manufacturing process, which enabled efficient installation with prefabricated, solar-integrated roof elements and thus facilitated project implementation on site. This approach of a pre-integrated PV solution can certainly be applied to other projects to save time and money.

Guido van Tartwijk, CEO of Heliatek, commented on the project's significance, stating: "This project exemplifies our commitment to transforming buildings into sustainable energy sources. By integrating HeliaSol solar films into existing building materials, we're not only retrofitting structures with solar capabilities but also paving the way for innovative, eco-friendly construction practices."

Caption: Roof renovation with prefabricated roof elements with HeliaSol at TEPE Systemhallen in Dülmen (Germany)


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