PaperTab a runner-up for T3 Innovation of the Year

  PaperTab displays in use
PaperTab displays in use

Plastic Logic’s PaperTab has earned a runner-up position in the Innovation of the Year category in the prestigious T3 Gadget Awards, which are presented by T3 magazine.

PaperTab behaves like a series of paper-thin, low-power flexible displays that can interact both with your gestures and with each other. Two PaperTab displays placed next to one another will automatically align the image and “tile” to form a larger display. Tapping one on another can move content between the two. Manipulation of the displays themselves, bending a corner for instance, can send an email, scroll through documents and objects can be dragged between one and another using a stylus.

The product is the result of a cooperation between Plastic Logic that developed the flexible organic thin film transistor technology used in the displays, the Human Media Lab led by Professor Roel Vertegaal of Queens University, Canada and Intel, whose Core i5 processor drives it.

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