Organic Electronics Saxony to host IRSP 2023 – “Stress Workshop”


More than ever before, materials-driven product innovations and shorter time-to-market introductions for new micro- and nanoelectronic products require tight coupling between research, development and manufacturing and the understanding of stress-related phenomena to ensure the requested product lifetime.

Together with their co-organiser deepXscan, Organic Electronics Saxony (OES) cordially invites the industry to the 17th International Conference Reliability and Stress-Related Phenomena in Nanoelectronics „Stress workshop“, from 24-26 Apri 2023 at Hotel Elbresidenz, Bad Schandau, Germany.

The IRSP conference will cover the whole range from fundamental research to industrial applications. It will provide a forum for scientists and engineers from universities, research institutions and industry to discuss current challenges and future scenarios related to reliability and stress-induced phenomena in micro-, nano- and organic electronics.

Caption: OES will host its 17th IRSP conference in 2023 (photo: Organic Electronics Saxony)

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