Organic and printed electronics industry expects significant increase in sales revenue

The organic and printed electronics industry expects an increase of 18% in sales revenue for 2016

The latest business climate survey conducted by the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) states that nearly 80% of the participants expect a significant increase in sales revenue in the printed electronics industry. The positive results of the fourth survey were announced during the 36th OE-A working group meeting – hosted by the OE-A members Ceradrop and ISORG – in Limoges, France.

The biannual survey sheds light upon the anticipated growth of the organic and printed electronics industry. Each time, all OE-A members – from material suppliers to end users – are asked to provide qualitative data on the state of the industry and expected development of sales.

For the industry, 2015 will be remembered as a very successful year, as the participants foresee their sales revenue to grow by 13%. This is an increase by 2% compared to the first survey of 2015. With an expected average increase in sales revenue of 18% in 2016, the surveyed members strongly believe that this positive trend continues – along the entire value chain as well as in all regions.

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