Oreltech’s “printed metals” nominated for the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2020


The innovation "Printed Metals" from OrelTech GmbH was nominated for the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2020. The Berlin-based company submitted the innovation in this year's competition of the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg and was nominated as one of ten companies for the Innovation Award.

"With our conductive inks we can revolutionise the printing process on different substrates and print in an environmentally friendly way. The fact that this innovation has been honoured by the jury with a nomination for the Innovation Award shows us that we are on the right track and can achieve a lot," says managing director Dr Natalia Zamoshchik.

OrelTech has developed a unique and versatile metallization technology that surpasses its competitors in price, simplicity, material efficiency and environmental friendliness. OrelTech's conductive inks and fluids can be generated in one step and can be processed with conventional printing methods. For example, transparent conductive tracks can be easily incorporated into touch displays, OLEDs or flexible solar cells, and circuits can be printed on any two- and three-dimensional surface from paper to 3D chips. Even expensive precious metals, such as platinum and gold – for example for fuel cell membranes and sensors in medicine – can be applied much thinner and thus more material-efficiently than in previous thin-film processes. This is not only more cost-efficient but also more environmentally friendly.

"The market for us is huge and therefore offers great chances of success and the possibility of growth even during the corona crisis. We only started in 2018 and have already achieved a lot in such a short time," says Zamoshchik.

The jury of the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg, chaired by Prof Oliver Günther, president of the University of Potsdam, selected the ten best innovations in the capital region as nominees from 221 applications in the competition for the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg.

On 27 November 2020, the nominees will be honoured at a festive awards ceremony at the AXICA Congress and Conference Centre. Due to the limited number of participants on site, there will also be a livestream. Out of the ten nominees, five winners will be honoured as winners of the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg.

The Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg is the oldest of its kind in the region. It was created in 1984 by the Berlin Senate Department responsible for economic affairs. Since 1992, the (current) Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Companies and the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics, Labour and Energy have jointly awarded the Innovation Prize. Since 1984, more than 4000 applications have been submitted and more than 160 prize winners have received awards. The nominations of the finalists and prize winners are made by an independent jury of experts. The prizes are endowed with €10 000 each. With the involvement of commercial enterprises and other institutions as private partners, the prize was and is also a collaboration between the public sector and private individuals and thus a joint project.

Caption: Due to the coronavirus, the festive event of the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg will not host as many guests as last year. Nonetheless, OrelTech is looking forward to the ceremony (photo: Innovationspreis Berlin Brandenburg)

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