Optomec extends production runtimes for 3D printed electronics solutions


Optomec (Albuquerque, New Mexico), a global supplier of production-grade additive manufacturing equipment and software, announced that its Aerosol Jet print engine has been upgraded to operate with an uninterrupted 8-hour runtime. The solution enables full shift operation to better meet the needs of current and next-generation electronics manufacturing across a broad range of industries.

This latest development was the focus of Optomec’s presence at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Show in Santa Clara from 20-21 November 2019.

“We’ve optimised the mist delivery mechanisms to enable the Aerosol Jet print engine to operate continuously for a full 8-hour shift. This advance, along with Aerosol Jet’s material deposition versatility make the system ideal for high-volume  3D advanced semiconductor packaging, as well as manufacturing of 3D antenna, sensors, and circuitry. The solution is enabling for a wide range of smart mobile devices, automotive and medical applications as well as a host of other electronics and wearable products,” said Bryan Germann, product manager, Aerosol Jet.

The Optomec Aerosol Jet print engine can now run up to 8 hours continuously without operator intervention while maintaining minimal variation in mass output. This directly correlates to high stability for printed line width and line-height as well as the resulting electrical performance (i.e. resistance of conductive traces).

Optomec’s Aerosol Jet technology is offered as a complete production solution enabling 3D printed electronics applications but the print engine can also be sold separately as a scalable solution to be integrated into customers’ own automation solutions.  Digital products, such as process recipes, are also available to speed up integration into production.

Caption: An Aerosol Jet HD system (photo: Optomec)

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