Optomec announces delivery of 600th industrial printer for additive manufacturing


Optomec (Albuquerque, New Mexico), a pioneer in production additive manufacturing, announced another important milestone in its continued growth, with the delivery of its 600th industrial 3D printer.  The company has now installed more than 250 of its proprietary LENS Systems for 3D Printed Metal and over 350 of its patented Aerosol Jet Systems, with the majority of its recent machines being used for high ROI production applications.

Optomec has long been at the forefront in delivering additive manufacturing solutions that address industry’s most challenging needs. The company was first to market and has the largest installed base of directed energy deposition (DED) 3D metal printers, marketed under its well-known LENS trademark. These machines are particularly well suited for building large structural parts in Titanium, Nickel-based superalloys and Stainless Steel, and for repairing high value components, where they have been used in production to restore more than 10 million aircraft engine parts.

Similarly, Optomec was first to market and has the largest installed base of true 3D electronics printers, enabling high volume production applications in advanced 3D semiconductor packaging, consumer electronics, medical device and industrial products. The company’s Aerosol Jet printers have the unique ability to print 3D circuitry, sensors and antennas onto virtually any surface, with features as small as 10 microns. This enables continued miniaturisation of electronic systems, as well as the advance of smart parts that combine structure and functionality.

“Our team is delighted, and frankly proud, to reach this latest significant milestone that reinforces our leadership position in the markets we serve,” said Dave Ramahi, Optomec CEO. “As rewarding as the 600 machine figure is, what’s most encouraging is that it reflects customers confidence in our solutions’ ability to meet their production needs, often having gone through rigorous qualification and regulatory protocols that are a barrier to our competitors. We are working hard to replicate these successes and believe this is just the beginning of more widespread adoption of our solutions across industry.”

Optomec’s solutions have been adopted across all industrial sectors, including aerospace, energy, electronics, life sciences and defence. These systems enable cost-effective development, production, and even repair of a wide range of end-products, from aircraft engine and industrial tooling, to smartphones and glucose monitors. Optomec’s LENS DED and Aerosol Jet equipment solutions are enhanced by a suite of high value digital products, including toolpath, vision, pattern recognition, scanning and process control software, as well as process recipes and printable component libraries (i.e.: wear coatings, antenna, sensors). Additionally, Optomec offers automation solutions to enable series and batch production

Caption: Optomec’s CS 250 DED machine (photo: Optomec)

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