OMLED One uses exchangeable OLED modules with highest luminance


OMLED One is the first lamp family worldwide for home and office that fully uses OLED lighting of the latest generation. From now on, the innovative OLED lamps are directly available in their own brand store. “With our own shop, we want to react quickly and flexibly to the growing demand for OLEDs. The properties of our lamps are very extraordinary. This is why it is important to us to establish a direct dialogue with our customers,” says Thomas Emde, managing director of emde development of light GmbH (Frankfurt, Germany).

The company has developed the “OMLED One” lamps and introduced them to the market in 2016. A special feature is their light source: The square-shaped exchangeable modules are only 1.5mm thick and boast the currently highest luminance of OLEDs on the market. The OLED modules create a very natural and multi-layered type of light with outstanding colour performance. In this way, their clear, glare-free light can transform, for instance, a dining area or a conference room into a place of atmosphere. The high-quality, satined housing made of glass underlines the soft and warm light character of the lamps and makes sure that the light surfaces of the single modules smoothly phase out.

“The topic of OLED lighting is becoming increasingly exciting and boasts a high potential. The current OLED modules are a serious alternative for LED light already today. We are currently working on a further product line, which is expected to enter the markets still in 2017,” says Thomas Emde.

“OMLED One” lamps are available as floor, desk or pendant luminaires. The smallest desk lamp of the family, the OMLED One t1, is said to brighten desks or cupboards already with one single module. The larger lamps are equipped with the luminosity of five OLED modules and generate up to 700 lumen at a maximum performance of 30W. For instance, the pendant luminaire OMLED One s5l is perfectly suited for larger dining tables.

Caption: An OMLED One dining table lamp (photo: emde development of light)

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