OLEDWorks wins Manufacturing Innovation Award for second year in a row


Recently, OLEDWorks was awarded the Manufacturing Innovation, Small Business award at the virtual Technology and Manufacturing Awards hosted by the Rochester Business Journal in the state of New York. OLEDWorks won this award last year as well. As a key part of Rochester’s growing technology industry, the company has been supported and honoured at this RBJ ceremony for many years. The team was excited to see the first virtual version of the show this month.

“We are honoured to be recognised as innovators by our peers and the local community,” says CTO and co-founder Dr Michael Boroson. “The improvements that we made over the last few years in OLED lighting production, efficiency, and performance were possible only with the entire talented and dedicated OLEDWorks team. Anyone who has experienced OLED technology recognises its unmatched performance, and we look forward to continued innovation, awareness, and adoption of OLED technology in the U.S. and around the world.”

The virtual ceremony included interviews with the recognised companies. Dr Kathleen Vaeth, director of OLED UX, spoke on OLEDWorks’ behalf, sharing her excitement and pride of being recognised locally for the company’s achievements in OLED technology production.

Caption: The OLEDWorks team at the 2019 RBJ Technology and Manufacturing Awards (photo: OLEDWorks)

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