OE-A predicts increases in sales revenue for the printed electronics industry

Expected sales revenue for the organic and printed electronics industry according to the latest survey by the OE-A

In the organic and printed electronics industry, all signs continue to point to growth, claims the latest business climate survey by the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A). This is also expected to have a positive impact on the employment situation.

In detail, the OE-A is predicting an increase in sales revenue of 19% for 2015. For the current year, expectations continue to be positive as well. The respondents expect an increase in revenue of 10% for 2014. This is slightly below previous numbers (16% in May 2014). “At this point in the year, however, companies are able to turn in precise data,” explains OE-A chairman Dr Stephan Kirchmeyer. “An increase in sales is a great result for the organic and printed electronics industry, especially since the results are applicable to all areas, from material suppliers to end users, and in all regions: Europe, Asia and the United States.”  

The positive sales forecasts for the upcoming year also affect other areas of business. 53% of the companies assume that their incoming orders will increase up to 20%, 47% want to continue to invest into expansion of production. There is also said to be a bright outlook for employees in the industry: 45% of the companies surveyed want to hire additional employees in the upcoming six months. In May 2014, this figure was significantly lower, at only 23%. Furthermore, the survey participants want to continue to invest in R&D activities. 78% (May 2014: 72%) expect general growth of the industry

The next OE-A business climate survey will be published in March 2015 during the LOPEC main press conference.

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