NovaCentrix announces first sale of its PulseForge Invent in China


NovaCentrix (Austin, Texas) has recorded the first Chinese sale of the new PulseForge Invent photonic curing tool for R&D to the Institute of Flexible Electronics Tsinghua (IFET). The sale was coordinated and finalised by Yi Xin, a trader in mainland China focused primarily on academic customers. IFET is a Chinese research organisation focused on R&D in the flexible printed electronics space. The IFET institute is jointly established by the Zhejiang Provincial Government and Tsinghua University, and serves as a technological resource for globalising the Chinese flexible electronics industry. The Invent is the newest state-of-the-art PulseForge product from NovaCentrix, and is distinguished by its academic-oriented entry price while maintaining the full complement of performance features and configuration options now expected in the PulseForge platform.

“The PulseForge Invent from NovaCentrix, along with the support of the NovaCentrix team, will immediately accelerate the work of our institute,” said Dr Lanlan Liu, IFET researcher. “As we move our programme in printed electronics forward, it made sense to work with only the best equipment and expertise.” The eight flexible electronics focus areas of IFET include materials, devices, displays, sensors, optoelectronics, material characterisation techniques, soft robotic devices, and sleep medicine. To manage these topics, IFET established concurrent global R&D and technical engineering test centres with the goal of becoming a national and world-class research institute.

Dr Liu indicated working with NovaCentrix was the clear solution. “After serious investigation and comparison, we chose the NovaCentrix PulseForge Invent because of the good reputation in the market, reliable technology background of photonic curing, high performance, long list of features of the machine, and local support in China.” Stan Farnsworth, chief marketing officer at NovaCentrix, added: “The PulseForge Invent is a world-class tool for printed and flexible electronics development, and we are thrilled and honoured to work with Dr Liu in support of the exciting projects at IFET.” The patented PulseForge photonic curing tools use intense microsecond pulses from proprietary flash lamps to heat the surface of target materials to very high temperatures, without heating or damaging the underlying material. These tools are used for development and/or manufacturing of displays, photovoltaics, sensors, and other flexible circuit applications.

Caption: NovaCentrix has sold its first PulseForge Invent on the Chinese market (photo: NovaCentrix)

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