Notion Systems presents “Modular Engineering” concept

The latest machinery from Notion Systems is based on a modular engineering concept

Notion Systems GmbH, a provider of inkjet printers, laser treatment equipment and machinery for automation with headquarters in Schwetzingen, Germany, has unveiled its new “Modular Engineering” concept.

“The modular design of our machines opens up the possibility to react quickly and flexibly to customer-specific requirements without making any tradeoffs regarding system reliability, precision, and capacity,” explains Jens Münkel, VP engineering at Notion Systems. “Our printers align with the growing and changing demands to our customers and help them in succeeding in the dynamic markets of digital functional printing.” For example, the integration of additional process modules or a modification of the process steps in the company’s printing systems is said to be possible with the new concept – any time and very easily.

At the recently concluded LOPEC trade show in Munich, Germany, Notion Systems has introduced its new inkjet printer n jet production, which incorporates the “Modular Engineering” concept. This inkjet printer for functional fluids is already used by customers in 24/7 production of highly sophisticated technical products.

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